Top 5 Best Social Media Management Tools in 2023

Effective social media management is critical for organisations and individuals alike in a world of rapid change of digital marketing. It can be difficult to stay on top of your social media game with the ever-expanding array of social platforms. This is where social media management tools can help. These tools not only make managing several social media accounts easier, but they also include a variety of functions to help you maximise your online profile.

In this blog post, we’ll go through the top five best social media management tools for 2023. from free social media scheduling and management tools to paid advanced options. We’ll look at Buffer, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Sendible, and SocialBee, analysing their features, cost, and general fit for various needs. In addition, we’ll go through the advantages of using these technologies and their particular advantages in the field of social media management.

1. Buffer: Most Affordable

Buffer is well-known for its user-friendly layout, which makes it an excellent alternative for anyone seeking clarity in social media scheduling. Buffer makes it simple to schedule posts across several platforms. Its user-friendly scheduling tool enables you to easily plan and post content when the readership is most active. Buffer also provides detailed statistics, allowing you to measure engagement indicators such as likes, comments, shares, and clicks. This data-driven approach gives you the ability to make sensible choices and optimise your content strategy. Collaborative capabilities make it simple for teams to handle social media accounts and create content collaboratively.

The Advantages of Using Buffer:

  • Free social media management tool, free plan available.
  • Affordable social media management tool, comparatively lower pricing.
  • Buffer automates social media scheduling, saving you time and ensuring a regular publishing schedule.
  • In-depth statistics enable you to learn what works and what doesn’t, allowing you to fine-tune your content strategy.
  • Buffer’s user-friendly UI makes it suitable for both novice and professional social media administrators.


  • Free plan: social media scheduling, manage up to 3 social profiles and schedule up to 15 posts in advance. upto 3 channels.
  • Essentials Plan: Starting at $6 a month, the Essentials Plan includes scheduling, analytics, and support for up to eight social profiles.
  • Team Plan: For $12 per month, it includes a social calendar, extensive analytics, and support for up to eight social profiles.
  • Agency Plan: This plan is designed for larger enterprises and starts at $120 per month. It includes team collaboration capabilities, support for 25 social profiles, and detailed reporting.

Buffer is a good solution for folks who value simple scheduling and user-friendly interfaces. However, if you require advanced social listening or detailed reporting, it may not be the ideal option.

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media management tool noted for its great analytics and extensive features. Its integrated dashboard gives you a consolidated view of all your social media profiles, allowing you to easily monitor and engage with your audience. Hootsuite supports numerous social networks, making it appropriate for businesses of various sizes and industries. The software supports cross-platform scheduling, allowing you to plan ahead of time content for several social media. The analytics features of Hootsuite stand out, giving useful data for enhancing your social media strategy. You may also curate material from numerous sources in order to keep your social media feed interesting and new.

Advantages of Using Hootsuite:

  • Hootsuite is versatile since it supports a wide range of social networks, making it appropriate for businesses of various sizes and industries.
  • Hootsuite’s analytics capabilities stand out, giving useful information for enhancing your social media strategy.
  • Find and share relevant content easily to keep your audience interested.


  • Professional Plan: For $99 per month, it includes unlimited post scheduling, analytics, maximum of 1 user and support of up to 10 social profiles.
  • Team Plan: For $249 per month, it includes unlimited post scheduling, analytics, maximum of 3 user and support of up to 10 social profiles.
  • Business Plan: For $739 per month, it includes unlimited post scheduling, analytics, maximum of 5 user and support of up to 35 social profiles.
  • Enterprise Custom: This is a custom plan mainly for larger organisations who have a large team.

Social ads analytics & reporting, Employee advocacy, Team productivity reporting and Additional automation tools for social media customer service

Hootsuite’s success resides in its adaptability and ability to meet the basic requirements of both small and large businesses. It is a great choice for data-driven marketers because of its powerful analytics and reporting capabilities.

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3. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a social media management and optimization tool that focuses on assisting businesses in developing and growing their online presence. The software provides precise publishing options, allowing you to easily schedule messages across numerous social channels. The ViralPost feature, which determines the optimum times to post for most engagement, is a standout. On the other hand this is one of the most expensive social media management tool. This guarantees that your information reaches your target audience when they are most active. The consolidated inbox streamlines engagement by allowing you to monitor and respond to messages, comments, and mentions from many social platforms in one spot. Detailed social media statistics, such as audience demographics and engagement numbers, can help you refine your content strategy.

Advantages of Using Sprout Social:

  • Sprout Social specialises in assisting businesses in developing and maintaining great client relationships through active engagement.
  • The ViralPost function ensures that your material reaches your target audience at the optimal time.
  • Detailed analytics will help you fine-tune your social media approach.


  • Standard Plan: For $249 per month per user, it offers publishing, engagement, and reporting tools for a single user.
  • Professional Plan: For $399 per user per month, it adds tools like comprehensive reporting and social CRM.
  • Advanced Plan: This plan is intended for larger teams and corporations, and it begins at $499 per month, $349 for each additional user per month and includes sophisticated analytics, team collaboration, and custom solutions.

Sprout Social is an ideal solution for organisations trying to cultivate relationships with their target audience. It distinguishes itself from other social media management systems by focusing on interaction and client relationship management.

4. Sendible

Sendible is a social media management tool that focuses on engagement and reporting, making it ideal for agencies and teams. The platform allows for time zone flexibility, making it excellent for multinational advertising. You may schedule content for various time zones and regions, ensuring that your postings reach the appropriate audience at the appropriate moment. Sendible offers content suggestions and hot themes to assist you in creating compelling content that will resonate with your audience. It’s ideal for agencies because it has client management tools that allow you to manage many clients’ social media accounts in one location. This simplified strategy boosts efficiency for agencies with various client portfolios.

Advantages of Using Sendible:

Sendible’s features are designed to the specific demands of marketing agencies, making it an excellent alternative for firms with several client accounts.

International campaigns are made easier by the flexibility to arrange material for several time zones.

Suggestions for content keep your content fresh and engaging.


  • Creator  Plan:Starting at $29 a month, the Creator Plan includes scheduling, analytics, upto 1 user and support of up to 6 profiles (social accounts, blogs, etc.).
  • Traction Plan: This plan offers team collaboration, content suggestions, upto 4 user and support for up to 24 profiles of $89 per month.
  • White label: This plan is intended for agencies and begins at $240 per month. It includes white labelling, client management, upto 20 user and support of up to 60 profiles.

Sendible’s agency-focused features set it apart, making it a good solution for those managing many customers’ social media accounts.

5. SocialBee

SocialBee is a social media scheduling tool that specialises in content segmentation and recycling, assisting businesses in making the most of their material. You can categorise your material and create posting schedules for each category on the platform.

This capability is very valuable for firms with a variety of content categories. You can maintain an adequate social media presence by arranging your content. The never-ending content recycling capability of SocialBee is its distinguishing feature. It regularly reposts your best-performing content to maximise its reach. This guarantees that your everlasting content keeps your readers interested over time.

Advantages of Using SocialBee:

  • The evergreen content recycling function of SocialBee extends the life of your finest content.
  • Intelligent content categories assist you in maintaining a broad and balanced content strategy.
  • The UI of SocialBee is simple to use, making it suitable for users of all ability levels.


  • Bootstrap Plan: Starting at $29 per month, the Bootstrap Plan includes content categorization, scheduling, upto 1 user and support for 5 social profiles.
  • Accelerate Plan: For $49 per month, upto 1 user as support of 10 social profiles
  • Pro Plan: This plan is designed for power users, upto 15 user and starts at $99 per month. It includes advanced features such as A/B testing and support for 25 social profiles.

Benefits of Using Social Media Management Tools

Social media analytics: You can monitor engagement metrics and obtain insights into your audience’s behaviour by tracking the performance of your postings. these tools lets you make data-driven decision, With this knowledge, you can fine-tune your content approach to better appeal to your target demographic.

Team collaboration: features for firms with many team members active in social media management. Team members can collaborate easily, assign tasks, and guarantee that all communications and comments are addressed as soon as possible.

This collaborative approach encourages effective teamwork and improves brand consistency.

Schedule and publish content: You can schedule your social media postings in advance with extensive scheduling options, maintaining a steady presence on the web with no the need for constant human changes. This efficiency allows you to devote more time to other vital parts of your organisation.

Content identification and recommendations: Some of these tools provide suggestions for hot subjects and information relevant to your audience, assisting you in remaining current and engaging.

These tools make the most of made-up content material: You can expand the reach and engagement of your best-performing content by automatically reposting it at regular intervals, resulting in more visitors and conversions.

Zone-friendly scheduling: this feature is useful for enterprises seeking worldwide customers, This capability ensures that your postings are distributed at the most appropriate times in various regions, increasing the efficacy of your global campaigns.

Points to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Social Media Management Tool

Choosing the best social media management solution for your company is a key decision. It’s not a one-size-fits-all situation, and different softwares provide diverse advantages based on your specific requirements. Here are some important factors to consider when you make your decision:

Begin by carefully defining your social media goals: Do you want to raise brand exposure, grow website traffic, promote engagement, or improve customer service? Different tools thrive in different areas, so match your objectives to the tool’s capabilities.

Size of your team working on social media: Some solutions have strong team collaboration features that make them suited for larger teams, whereas others are geared toward solopreneurs or small firms.

Pricing & Budget: Pricing models for social media management products vary. While some offer free or low-cost programs, others are aimed at larger businesses and may have a higher price tag. Check that the tool you select is within your budget.

Type of content you post: If you rely extensively on visual content, a powerful picture and video management application may be essential. Content categorization capabilities can also assist you in maintaining a diverse content strategy.

Number of social media channels: Check that the tool supports all of the platforms that are relevant to your business. Look for platform-specific functionality, such as Instagram scheduling or Twitter statistics.

Wrapping Up

To summarise, these top five social media management tools will be useful tools as we go through the rapidly changing social media marketing world.

Buffer makes scheduling easier, Hootsuite offers powerful analytics, Sprout Social focuses on connection building, Sendible improves agency operations, and SocialBee specialises in content management. They provide a comprehensive arsenal for social media success when used together.

Data-driven insights, team communication, effective scheduling, content recommendations, and evergreen content recycling are all benefits shared by these solutions. The ideal tool for the job is determined by your specific goals, team size, budget, content strategy, and platform preferences.

Best of luck for your social media journey in 2023.